My Story

I am often asked how I got into acupuncture. The answer is very simple: I was a patient myself!

Shortly after graduating college, I developed hereditary rheumatoid arthritis, which my mom and grandmother had. After a year of frequent doctor’s visits and daily pain medication, I decided to try acupuncture. My grandmother had been getting acupuncture treatments for 30 years for her arthritis, so it was a known option, but it still took me a year to try it.

After 10 weeks of treatment I was no longer walking with a limp and was able to stop taking my pain medication. The acupuncture knocked my arthritis into remission and to this day, I have no problems with it. Once in a while I get a little achy, but one or two acupuncture treatments resolve it.
After I saw what acupuncture could do, I was inspired to learn more and practice this amazing medicine myself.

What I find interesting is that even though I had experience with acupuncture and saw it worked firsthand, it took me a year of constant pain to try acupuncture. I was like so many of my patients who think of Western medicine primarily even though Chinese medicine excels in the treatment of chronic illnesses.

Once I entered graduate school for Chinese medicine, my interest in treating infertility and women’s health issues grew. It is a complex area, which makes it both challenging and extremely rewarding. For couples dealing with fertility issues, the stress and psychological toll is as important to address as the physical.

I am happy to offer a safe and comfortable environment for my patients to talk about all the issues surrounding infertility that arise. I also feel lucky to have helped so many couples reach their goal of parenthood.

Outside of the clinic I enjoy spending time with my husband and son, walking, doing yoga, reading, and seeing live music.