Headaches and Hip PainIn-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
Repetitive Stress Injury
Unexplained Infertility
Lower Back PainEndometriosis- Menstrual Cramps
DigestionIrregular Cycles and Labor Induction
Pregnancy Rhinitis
Autoimmune Disease/LupusInfertility/Luteal Phase Deficiency
Breech BabyRepeated Pregnancy Loss


“I started seeing Allison Crawford for some hip pain and sinus headaches. I was new to acupuncture and didn’t quite know what to expect. My first session was completely relaxing, thanks to Allison’s calming presence and the atmosphere in the office. We’ve successfully worked through the hip and sinus issues and continue to tackle things that come up, like stiff neck and menstrual cramps. My experience with acupuncture, and with Allison specifically, has been so positive that I have already recommended her to friends. I look forward to each treatment and plan on continuing to see Allison for tune-ups even when there is no pressing issue.”

Shannon F.

Repetitive Stress Injury–Wrist and Neck Pain

“I came to acupuncture when I was suffering from pain in my wrists, shoulders, back and neck from computer work. I was very worried about permanent nerve damage since I continue to make my living as a desk jockey. Regular treatments with Allison helped and I have been pain-free for years! She has also treated me for skin issues, illness, and other aches and pains with acupuncture and herbs. Alison is wonderful, warm and very personable–her manner is the best of any healer I’ve met. I enthusiastically recommend her services and her fantastic, pain-free technique. I wouldn’t go to anyone else!”

Sira A.
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Lower Back Pain

“In late October I found myself with severe lower back pain brought on from trying to fix a knee injury. This, combined with the fact that I was facing an eleven hour flight to France, brought me to see Allison on the recommendation of a friend. This was the best decision I could have made. Allison quickly quieted my doubts about acupuncture by taking a very detailed health history and beginning the process of recovery for me. I had two sessions prior to leaving for France that actually made it possible to sit in a plane for the lengthy flight. Upon my return, I continued to see Allison twice a week and found myself feeling amazingly good and relatively pain free. By New Year’s Eve, Allison indicated that I no longer needed my regular appointments. The experience was a wonderful one made better by the kind and calming ways of Allison. It is an experience that I have already recommended to several friends and one that I would not hesitate to continue with as a matter of overall well being. Thanks Allison, for your compassionate approach to healing… ”

Cheryl W.
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“A few months ago I started experiencing severe nausea. I lost 20 pounds and felt miserable. Trips to the doctor and lab tests revealed nothing. The “experts” were stumped. Enter Allison. After the first treatment, I felt a slight improvement. As I continued the treatments and herbs, my appetite returned and my energy level increased. I feel a million times better! Thanks Allison!”

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“Ever since I can remember I’ve had to deal with a frustrating and chronic sinus issue. Over the years various doctors had prescribed nasal sprays that worked temporarily but provided no long-term solution. Tired of using the sprays, I decided to try a more natural solution. Although initially skeptical, I was pleasantly surprised to see what a difference the acupuncture had made in only a few treatments. Over the past couple of months I have seen a drastic improvement in my condition. I would highly recommend Allison to anyone suffering from any ailment that can be treated with acupuncture.”

Romy R.
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“I turned to acupuncture in 2004 when my seasonal allergies wouldn’t respond to anything else. I found Allison online and gave her a call. My allergy symptoms lessened immediately following my first visit, and were completely gone after six sessions. The following year I returned and was symptom-free within five sessions. Last year it only took four sessions.
This year–2007–I haven’t needed any allergy treatments at all. Allison is an excellent listener and a gentle practitioner. Her office is tranquil, and my experiences there have all been positive. I highly recommend Allison to anyone seeking relief from allergies.”

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Autoimmune Disease/Lupus

“I suffer from an autoimmune disease and was experiencing a lot of pain.  In researching my problem, I discovered that some people with similar conditions had ​good results with acupuncture so I found Allison on the internet.  I went to my first appointment with no knowledge and no expectations.  At the first appointment I agreed to come once a week for 6 weeks and then once a month depending on how it went.
Nine years later, I’m still seeing Allison!  Acupuncture has made a huge difference in my well-being and functionality.

Allison is well-versed in treating chronic conditions.  She is gentle, thorough and thoughtful.  I am so grateful that she is part of my medical team.”

Nan S.
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Breech Baby

“I found out that my baby was breech when I was 35 weeks pregnant. My ob/gyn discussed doing an external version, and also recommended that I see Allison for moxibustion and acupuncture. I had a couple of treatments with Allison, and she taught me how to do moxa at home. I could feel the baby be very active during and after the treatments, which were also very relaxing. I was really nervous about doing the external version, but I also wanted to avoid a c-section if possible. When I went in for the external version, they told me that my baby was no longer breech! It was such a welcome relief. I would recommend acupuncture and moxa to anyone in the same situation. Allison has a calm and reassuring presence, and I felt that I was in very good hands.”

Angela D.

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“I was a patient of Allison’s for a little over a year. I started going to Allison after my husband and I tried to conceive on our own for approximately a year and had one failed IVF. I had never visited an acupuncturist prior to becoming Allison’s patient and was a little skeptical; however, I had read lots of literature on the fertility benefits of acupuncture for women past their “prime” fertility years. Once I began visiting Allison, I was no longer skeptical.

Allison took a whole body and lifestyle approach with helping me with my fertility challenges. She is very knowledgeable and soothing. The weekly acupuncture appointments were very relaxing, Allison helped me understand how diet and stress affect fertility and prescribed Chinese herbs to help my body get more balanced.

After spending 6-8 months in Allison’s care, I started another IVF cycle and the outcome was much different than my first cycle. The health of my eggs, the fertilization ratio and the rating of my embryos was much better than my original cycle. I am happy to say, I have a beautiful, healthy baby girl resulting from this cycle. More surprising, just 10 weeks after my daughter was born, I found out that I was pregnant again (the old fashioned way).

I think the healthy habits I learned during my treatments with Allison and the treatment themselves are a major component to my success in having my baby girl and conceiving my second baby. I would advise anyone who is facing age-related fertility issues to work with Allison in conjunction with their fertility doctors.

Take the time to get your body ready and healthy with acupuncture and Chinese medicine before jumping into costly and emotionally draining fertility treatments. The outcome will be worth the additional time and preparation.”


“My husband and I were trying to conceive for over one year and had suffered one miscarriage.  We were about to undergo our first round of fertility treatment (clomid + insemination), and I wanted to do something more to help in the process.  Someone who had known another couple grappling with infertility referred me to Allison.  I had never done acupuncture before, but I approached it with an open mind and was amazed at the affects.  It wasn’t just about the treatment however; it was Allison that made it what it was.  Allison became a therapist in more than one way.  Physically, after just a few treatments, I started to feel a change.  Aside from my infertility, I had other more minor issues:  painful periods, digestion, allergies, and a reoccurring strain in my neck which all improved after starting treatment with Allison.  She is kind, gentle, and very in tune with what you have to say, adjusting her treatment each week based on your body and needs.  Emotionally, Allison truly became a weekly support system for me during this very difficult and dark time.  The treatments also helped me feel very relaxed.  It is amazing how you can feel physically and emotionally transformed after just one treatment.  After two failed pregnancies, I attempted IVF, was successful on the first try, and now have healthy twin girls.  I continued my acupuncture treatment with Alison during IVF and throughout my entire pregnancy. I truly believe that she was one of the few people that aided in this happy ending for me.  And, I would highly recommend Allison to anyone dealing with infertility or other ailments.  I am sure she can help.”

Jessica S.
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Unexplained Infertility

“A few years ago, my husband and I reached that state of life where we decided that we were ready to have a 3rd person in our family—a a little boy or girl—so we started “trying”. I really hated that word since it should not be work—it should be a joy out of which a new baby comes to the world. Unfortunately, it did turn out to be work that lasted for three years of failures and disappointments each month. We tried talking to doctors and getting treatment at UCSF but nothing helped and on top of it, nobody could explain what was wrong. So my husband decided to find out if there was any other help available and came across acupuncture as one of the options to help with infertility.

We found Allison’s website by browsing the net and scheduled the first appointment. When I met Allison, I realized that I finally met a professional who knows what she is doing and most importantly cares about you and the end result. Allison scheduled a treatment cycle for me that involved acupuncture and some herbs and it went on for a few months. Throughout the treatment my stress level went down a lot, I learned to listen to my body and be more attuned to its signals. After a few months we (my husband, myself and Allison) decided that it was time to try IVF and we went to Pacific Fertility Center. Allison supported me throughout the IVF cycle—I had acupuncture after each appointment, during IVF treatment and after. And then, WOW I was pregnant! I honestly think that acupuncture contributed a lot to this and many researchers support my opinion. I continued to seek Allison’s treatment all throughout pregnancy and at the end I delivered a healthy baby boy.

If you are in the same position, I would recommend that you go and talk to Allison. She is not only a good doctor but she is a good listener, which is equally important in this case.”

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Endometriosis- Menstrual Cramps

“After 20+ years of miserably painful cramps (I mean, “can’t eat, speak, or leave the house for two days” kind of cramps) I have three words for Allison’s services – No More Cramps. None. Not a smidge. I’ve been seeing Allison for over a year now and she must have scared the stars out of my cramps because they are nowhere to be found now. Yes, she’s gentle and kind. Yes, she’s incredibly professional and personable at the same time. Yes, she has a magic touch with those needles. I can’t imagine ever liking another practitioner a fraction of the amount that I like Allison, but I have to admit, I can’t help but go back to those three magic words: no more cramps.”

Marisa R.
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Irregular Cycles and Labor Induction

“Allison is great! She has a very warm manner and is extremely professional. I always looked forward to my treatments, which are super-relaxing and restorative. She helped me to conceive very quickly despite my long menstrual cycles, and she treated me throughout my first trimester. Later in my pregnancy, as my due date came and went, I saw her to help bring on labor. That seemed to work well too, since less than 24 hours after I saw Allison I was holding my daughter in my arms after a perfect natural birth. For fertility/pregnancy related stuff, go see Allison!”

Charlotte B.
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Pregnancy Rhinitis

“I made an appointment with Allison when I was pregnant with my second child. I had pregnancy rhinitis which was quite bothersome. Allison has a very friendly demeanor and was eager to help. I was able to get an appointment the next day following our initial phone consultation.

At the beginning of my treatment, I saw Allison on a weekly basis. Once my symptoms decreased, I only had to come in for every couple of weeks. y rhinitis noticeably improved during the course of treatment. She also addressed other pregnancy-related issues as they arose. Allison is also a very knowledgeable herbalist. She prescribed safe herbs to use during pregnancy. She also made helpful dietary recommendations.

All in all, I was very satisfied with my treatment. I gave birth to a healthy baby in January! I would recommend acupuncture to anyone seeking safe complementary medicine to ease any medical condition.”

Bernadette H.

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Infertility/Luteal Phase Deficiency

“I found Allison when I was struggling to become pregnant with my first child. During our first session together Allison took a thorough history and reviewed the basal body temperature charts I brought with me. She was clear when describing how acupuncture could help me and presented a plan. I saw Allison weekly after that and she brought the same calming, compassionate, gentle approach to each and every session, which is critical when discussing sensitive matters like fertility.
As our time together progressed I noticed that my cycle was more regulated and I was more relaxed. Allison was always very attentive and changed the treatment plan based on whatever my body was doing at the time (including a miscarriage) and the various procedures we underwent in our journey to have a child. I valued my experience with Allison so highly and credit acupuncture with the success of my first pregnancy that I came back to Allison when we were ready to try for another child. It is with the greatest confidence that I recommended Allison to a friend who is trying to conceive her first child and I would give the same recommendation to anyone who is open to acupuncture.”

Monica S.

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Repeated Pregnancy Loss

“I began seeing Allison as an infertility patient undergoing in vitro fertilization.  After a few failed IVF attempts (I was getting pregnant, but having miscarriages), I decided to give acupuncture a try.  Allison’s detailed knowledge about the IVF process and medications immediately made me feel comfortable and confident in her abilities.  Acupuncture helped to ease symptoms of the different medications and was very relaxing in an otherwise stressful time.  I continued to see Allison throughout my pregnancy and after delivering twins.  It was my first experience with acupuncture and I would definitely recommend it (and Allison) to any other infertility patient or pregnant woman!”

Jennifer P.

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